Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Game Development update

State of the game:

So far, the game is very playable, though there are quite a few elements missing or broken.

We have multiple enemy types, multiple weapons, multiple levels. We are building an upgrade system, as well as another enemy type. The first boss is almost complete, and the others only need a few tweaks.

We need sound.

The art is looking nice, though not sure what to do for textures. We are trying to differentiate the enemy types, as some of them look very similar. However, the weapon textures are looking awesome.

For example:

This was done by Corey Pullman. Very talented student at Utah Valley University.

The game is around 85% done. Trying to push hard the next week. We are trying to get cutscenes, the tutorial, and special effects done, as well as the level designs for the final two stages.

Stay tuned!


  1. What Engine are you using / platform are you building for?

    Interested to know, hoping for more updates soon!

    You can check out our dev blog as well at

    1. We are using Unity 3D, and starting off for iOS. Thanks! And I hope to be updating soon.

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